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July 27 2019

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July 26 2019

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i got a recent one, happened about 2 years ago and i still can't wrap my mind around it
>im 32yo with an 8yo daughter
>when i was a kid i lived in a rural area near the town of Metan in the Salta province in Argentina
>we used to see a lot of weird shit there when i was a kid, specially lights in the woods at night like the one on this pic
>this story has nothing to do with that tho'
>the thing is that i have a lot of family in that area
>2 years ago my cousin Gonzalo died, he was badly injuried on an accident
>we used to be very close so i went back there for his funeral, had to take my daughter with me because her mom couldn't care to look after her
>i would stay at an uncle's house
>we arrived and they where doing one of the rituals most families do there for their dead, the velatorio, thats where people go to see the dead before they bury him
>during the first day i learn that things haven't been going well for the family there
>Gonzalo's father got ill, one of my cousins lost his job, and so on and so forth
>everything was very depressing and i started to regret bringing my daughter along
>we spent the night at my uncle's house with several other relatives, some of wich i haven't seen in like 20 years
>that night is normal, but my daughter started getting nervous around 1am, she didn't knew why, she just couldn't sleep
>i thought it was because of the depressing atmosphere
>next day i went to the funeral
>they do something called a novenario after the funeral, its a ritual in wich the family gathers for an hour every day for 9 days to pray for the dead
>i was on vacation and intended to stay at least some of those 9 days there but seeing how things where i decided to just stay for the weekend
>it was friday
>it started raining heavily and it wouldn't stop
>my daughter started getting really anxious, i thought it was her, but there was something weird with my aunt and uncle too
>that night i wasn't able to sleep
>the next day, the dirt roads where covered in mud because of the rain
>still the house was full of people at all times and everyone was quite busy
>in the afternoon i went to the novenario while my daughter played with other children
>during that time i realised that my aunt and uncle wheren't really praying they where just in the prayer position with their crosses but they did nothing
>it started raining again, as heavily as before
>that evening, before dinner i heard my aunt trough the wall asking "do you think he will come?"
>i couldn't understand my uncle's answer, it was in a much quieter tone
>it was still raining
>we ate dinner quite late and most people went to sleep
>only my uncles, a cousin, her kid and my daughter stayed awake, and me of course
>my uncles where talking while i was trying to get my daughter calmed enough to sleep
>it stopped raining
>we where looking at the fields behind the house from a window and she suddenly froze on my arms
>she didn't made a sound, she just froze looking at something in front of us
>i focused there and i could see the silouete of someone walking on the fields, a man
>he got closer until i was able to actually see him, he was my uncle, but he was naked just wandering on the field, and slowly getting closer
>the thing is that i could hear my uncle on the other room
>then the man outside started walking towards the window, he was like 20 meters away and looked just like my uncle, but naked
>my daughter was completly still
>i was terryfied. I just took her and legged it. Ran to our room, took my bag with our clothes and my keys and sprinted to the car
>i started the engine and drove as fast as the mud on the road would allow me
>i didn't knew why, but i knew i had to get away as fast as possible, and most importantly, get my daughter away from that
>i drove for hours and only stopped at a gas station when i was low on gas
>we arrived home at the evening on the next day
>my daughter wouldn't leave my side for the next 4 days
>didn't slept on her own bed for weeks and refuses to look out of the window at night to this day
>i tried to call my aunt to talk about that but she wouldn't answer the phone
>neither would any of my relatives that still lived there
>i thought they would be mad at me for leaving that way. Still months later i left the kid with my girlfriend and went back by myself
>i told my aunt and uncle what happened that night
>while i was telling the story they looked at each other as if they knew exactly what i was talking about
>i asked them who, or what was that
>my aunt almost started crying and asked me to please not ask any questions and not tell anything to anyone on the family
>they wouldn't say anything else
>i left before it was dark after promising i wouldn't ask or tell anyone
>i was back home at noon the next day, my girlfriend said my daughter cried the whole night and couldn't sleep
>she is 10 now and still insists on staying with me if it's raining at night
I'm from Bangladesh, and although the major cities have developed infrastructure, some of the more isolated villages are pretty much like the dark ages. There's no electricity, no power for lights or any of that stuff. They are surrounded by dense, thick forests, and the villagers have stories of witches and "djinn" that live in the trees and sometimes come into the villager's huts and possess them.
When I still lived in Bangladesh, my mom worked as a representative for poor villages. Her job was to basically go to villages around the country, provide them with aid and food, and establish rapport with the people in charge. She would sometimes take me and my sister along with her. This happened when I was about 9 or 10, and is something that has stayed with me to this day.
We went to a particularly isolated village. The closest town with electricity and any sort of law enforcement was at least 2 hours away by car. Right when we got there, something was off. Apparently, one of the villager's sons was acting very strangely. They had him locked up in a barn, and people were gathering like it was a circus show. My mom forbade me to go there, but while she was busy working, I snuck over.
What I saw chilled me to the bone. The kid was about my age, naked, foaming at the mouth, and covered in oozing sores. A man threw a live chicken into the barn, and the kid grabbed it by its neck and bit its head off. One of the men told me that the kid was possessed by a "churail", a witch spirit with the face of a woman that can only be recognized by its backwards-placed feet (they are twisted 180 degrees and face the back of its body).
Being a city boy, I just laughed it off.
Later that day, I met a boy and a girl from the village, and we began kicking around a soccer ball I had brought. Then I went home.
That night, when everyone was asleep, I woke up suddenly. I looked out the window to the barn where the boy was kept, only a few yards away.
I saw the door slowly open, and something came out. It was a huge, towering figure, at least 10 feet tall, its face covered by black, scraggly hair. It was wearing a stained white robe, and walked with a strange limp. In the full light of the moon, as it got closer, I could see its feet.
They were backwards.
My heart started pounding. I wanted to run to my mom in the next room, but my body was frozen in fright. I watched as the thing got closer and closer until it was only a few feet from my window.
I looked at its face, and my blood went cold. It was the face of the little girl I had been playing soccer with earlier that day.
At that point, I don't know what happened. All I remember is blacking out and waking up the next day. There was a huge uproar, because apparently the villagers possesed boy was found dead in the barn. I couldn't find the little girl anywhere. I asked around, but no one could even remember knowing a girl with the description I gave them.
I tracked down the other boy I had been playing soccer with, and he didn't know either. He said that he only remembered just the two of us playing that day.
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July 01 2019

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